About us

We are trustworthy, sustainable suppliers who can supply dairy powders for all needs with excellent quality at competitive prices.  

For nearly 20 years, we have been trading the highest, stable quality tailored made milk-based powders and regular dairy powders only from carefully selected producers.

We have solid knowledge that helps us fully support our existing and new customers, build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Our main goal is to offer cost-saving alternatives while maintaining the quality of the end product.
We also offer products being a cost-effective option for traditional milk powders.
Our fat-filled milk powders and skimmed milk powder alternatives are satisfying the needs of producers of baked goods, ice creams, drinks, chocolates, etc., and in fact, are suitable for almost all applications in the food industry.

We offer custom-made milk-based powder blends according to our customers’ recipes.

Our Values - Quality, Trustworthy, Responsibility are the simplest statement of who we are. They govern everything we do.

Our mission

All our activities are focused on achieving our customers and their goals.


Our vision

To change and develop together with our customers and partners, so that we are always among the best in our industry.


Our values

Risk taking

It is the value that is most essential for driving us forward and compelling us to take necessary risks.



We see ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our customers. You can count on us. We fulfill our obligations to customers, partners, society. We are ready to work tirelessly and overcome obstacles as soon as they arise.



We have a strong, positive attitude towards good service and prompt response to questions, on-time delivery, and the best customer service. We think and act in the long run, we have endurance and energy.


Quality conscious

We work hard to ensure the best results and excellent quality in everything we do.



Code of Conduct